Bikinis, Boots & BoHo Chic Babes -Summer Looks for the Fearless Fashionista

Is it hot in here or is it just you? We're heating things up, more than Summer sunshine, with this seasons must haves.

 Whether you are on the way to a pool party, headed to the beach, or having all of the festival feels, a romper is the way to go! With so many styles to choose from, we love to mix it up. The floral print rompers really play up the Summer day's and a long sleeve romper is great for a breezy night...But the accessories really play a part in your individual vibes.

We looooove a good statement necklace but to really showcase your favorite one, try a high neck or turtleneck romper. The metals and/or colors of your neck candy, will really pop. For low cut pieces, simple is best. A little dainty chain and charm is always quite fitting, but a small choker or thin body chain worn underneath your outfit can give that extra pop of sexiness.

The ultimate time to showcase your personality, is in your concert/festival outfits. Nothing like music in the air, to bring out the best in you..And your statement look. A double buckle belt over some cute cutoffs are a must-have for a hot day...And you absolutely need those boots!! I understand wanting some cute gladiator sandals to match perfectly with your outfit.. but trust me, been there, done that. Not only will your feet hate you because of all of the uncomfortable walking, but there's a lot of dirt out there... and there's nothing cute about dirty feet with a sexy outfit.. so whether it's cowboy, combat, or lace up, get you some boots! You'll thank me later, trust me.

Don't forget your top boo!! I suggest your base should always be a bathing suit top, because no matter how cute you look, you will get hot and want to start removing things. I love a good triangle bikini with a mesh or crochet cover up over it, so you can still look cool while staying cool.

Accessories must haves: While we love jewelry and Bohemian style earrings and necklaces are some favs for summer, if it gets a little too sunny, metals can start to heat up and get a little too uncomfortable. A great substitute is metallic flash tattoos. You still have all the extra flare you want, without the weight or heated up metals from jewelry. But then depends on the day! We also love a good boho wrap. Keep your hair out of the way with a do it yourself turban,  or use a larger wrap as a scarf to keep the dirt or sand at bay..And lucky you! It can also double as an evening wrap for those chilly Summer nights!

Don't forget the basics! Sunglasses, hat and sunscreen. Getting a BoHo chic outfit together is always amazing, until you're burnt, squinting and covering your hands over your eyes.

Remember! Being protected and comfortable doesn't mean you have to look less cute. Just be smart! Be prepared and have an amazing effortless Summer!!