Harness Your Feminine Power!! In One Pretty Little Accessory Package

Are Harnesses the new belt? We hope so! The hottest new accessory, has got us all bound up with joy.

Harnesses used to be all, S&M this and domanatrix that..Well not anymore, we're taking this private party public and we want everyone to know about it!

With so many different styles out, you can take the simplest outfit and turn it into a sexy masterpiece. V strap, T strap. suspenders, over the shirt triangle bra, multi strap...There's so many combos to choose from, but why make a choice when you can have them all! 

It used to be all about office chic and night out glitz but street style is taking over the block and we're ready to embrace our inner bad girl....But maybe I shouldn't speak so soon. I mean obviously fashion icon, Miss S&M Bad Girl Ri Ri herself, has been strapped up in her share of the must-have accessory..but even Americas innocent sweetheart, Taylor Swift, has been seen on the streets of LA in her own little twist on the trend. Rock n' roll tee, check. Oversized shades, check. Harness, check & check. So don't think you need to be an edgy bad ass to do the damn thing. If Tay Tay can rock it, so can you!

Fashion is all about expression and you're personal taste can be implemented into any version of these sexy accessories. So don't hide your fun side, strap in for summer and let your wild child run free!