So You Bought a Bunch of Crystals... Now What?

There's nothing I love more than bringing some beautiful crystals home with me! When I go to my favorite dealers, I could spend hours feeling their energy and really taking the time to pick the ones that are speaking to me. But it doesn't stop there. Energy can transfer and can you imagine how many people put their hands on them, before you get your babies home? Well not to worry, cleansing them and getting them ready to serve their desired purpose is just a ritual away.

When you bring a new crystal home with you, you must do three things:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Charge
  3. Program

CLEANSE- Step one is so important! As I said before, energy transfers and you just don't know who's energy is actually on there! Your crystals should only have your energy, so they don't get confused on their actual purpose for you're requests.

You will also need to re-cleanse your crystals pretty often. I do this once a month, but if you feel like it's absorbing a lot of your negative energies, you need to give it a little more love than that. Crystals can take on your emotions, to relieve you from illness, stress and pain, so it's so important to transmute those energies back off your crystals and out of realm for good.

Cleanse with sage, palo santos, or wash away old energies with water. Refer to a crystal expert website for each individual crystal, as some are water soluble, it's important to check, as each has it's own important individuality. 


CHARGE- Every crystal you own was once connected source and living off the energy of mama earth. Since that is no longer available to them (unless you live somewhere rural and can take it for a little earth nap) you have to provide it with energy with other elements of nature



Charge in the sunlight, (be carful which ones to do this with, as sun may fade) moonlight (preferably on a full moon) and buried in mama earth for a bit. 

PROGRAM- Each crystal has it’s designated purpose in your life, But it still needs guidance. Talk to it as you would your guides. Let it know what you need, visualize what you're asking for, meditate with it and let your guides flow through it. Say things like:

I program you to bring abundance into my life. I have many opportunities  and  all my needs are being met, now and always.


There are many ways to cleanse, charge and program your crystals, but now you have a little guidance. Just find what method works for you, love each one individually and they will love you right back!