Bad Energy Shield Crystal Box Set

Bad Energy Shield Crystal Box Set

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You ever just get a bad vibe from others and feel them projecting that onto you? Well now you don't have to! Protect yourself from negative energy from others with the Bad Energy Protection Crystal Box. Also clears your own negative energies and can be a shield around yourself and your home from evil entities.

Box Includes:

-1 Black Kyanite removes negativity out of your subtle bodies and aligns your chakras & The Obsidian Bracelet, protects and purifies you, with it's natural abilities to block out bad vibes from others, so you don't pick up on any unwanted negativities.

-It's also great at grounding and shielding you from negativity, allowing in only beneficial energy with it's protective shield. 

-1 Black Tourmaline offers you a sense of belonging and stability. Protects you from negative emotions and bad energies. 

*Please Note that as crystals are naturally formed from mother nature, sizes and colors may vary.