Full Chakra Crystal Box Set

Full Chakra Crystal Box Set

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Align every chakra! With The Crystal Chakra Alignment Box! Chakra, the Sanskrit word for wheel, refers to the energy wheels throughout our body. Root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown. Just like a body of water, if the flow cannot keep moving, it becomes a breeding ground for disease. The same goes for your energy fields! Unblock, release, clean and get your chakras moving again, with our Chakra Box!


1 Clear Quartz (Crown) Known as the master healer- Connection to the divine *Mantra "I Know"

1 Lepidolite (Third Eye) Stress Reliever, Fights Anxiety and quiets an overactive mind, allowing for deep meditation and connection to yourself *Mantra "I See"

1 Blue Lace Agate (Throat) Helps to release throat blockages and speak your truth with a calmer state of mind *Mantra "I Am Truth"

1 Malachite (Heart) Heals your finances and love (Both for yourself and with love relationships,) guiding you towards a shift of transformation to work on these areas in your life. 

1 Citrine (Solar Plexus) This crystal helps bring vitality to your life force energy! Use it to infuse positive growth and abundance. *Mantra "I Am Power"

1 Red Jasper (Sacral) Works with you on pursuing your dreams. Grounds and strengthens your foundation and helps you to create solutions for anything you may be going through. *Mantra "I Am Life"

1 Black Tourmaline (Root) Offers you a sense of belonging and stability. Protects you from negative emotions and bad energies. 

*Please Note that as crystals are naturally formed from mother nature, sizes and colors may vary.