Luck & Prosperity Crystal Box Set

Luck & Prosperity Crystal Box Set

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Jade, Malachite & Ruby Zoisite? Talk about green with envy! Let the magical properties of this box get things moving in the right direction for you!

-Ruby Zoisite helps to transform negative energy into positive, by bringing good vibes and fortune, while helping balance you masculine & feminine energies to harmoniously work together.

-Jade has been used for centuries as a stone of good fortune! It's healing elements contain longevity, heart healing, wealth and wisdom.

-Malachite is a stone of good fortune, healing your finances and love (Both for yourself and with love relationships,) guiding you towards a shift of transformation to work on these areas in your life. 

-Palo Santo "The Holy Wood" will clear any negativities away from you and your space. Used for centuries by Shamans in rituals and calling in your protective guides.

*Please Note that as crystals are naturally formed from mother nature, sizes and colors may vary.