Palo Santos Stick- Sacred Holy Wood

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Palo Santos, has been used for thousands of years by the indigenous people, shamans, mystics and healers. It is highly regarded spiritually in ceremonies and bringing in spirit guides/ancestors for protection and strength.

This magical fragrant stick has a light,sweet fragrance, similar to Neroli or Frankincense 

Our eco-friendly Paulo Santos is sustainably gathered in Ecuador, from the holy tree’s woods that have gently and naturally falling on the ground, with no harm to trees or our environment.

How to use: Light the incense at the end, letting the flame burn for a few seconds, then blowing it out while the smoke starts to surround and cleanse the area of your choice.

The purifying effects can be felt almost immediately, even if you’re not particularly sensitive to energies.

Other benefits:

•Insect repellent 

•Air freshener

•Used against bad energy

•Brings in an environment of well balanced energy