Self Love & Healing Crystal Box Set

Self Love & Healing Crystal Box Set

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There's nothing more important than self love. As we learn to love ourselves, it reflects onto all other relationships, healing us and in turn, those around us from the inside out.

Box includes:

1 Rose Quartz: The most important crystal of all, when it comes to matters of the heart and self healing. Brings back the lost love that should reside inside of all of us and conquers any self doubt and insecurities. 

1 Unakite: Brings together abundance and passion! Being one of nature's most heart and mind healing crystals. It resonates with self-love and self kindness/compassion, balancing the emotional and physical body.

1 Chrysocolla: A combination of Malachite and Azurite, this stone brings energy balance, protects you from burnout, and keeps your mind on accomplishing your goals through any setback.

1 Angel Aura Quartz: Quartz is bound with Silicon and Zircon to raise your vibration and give you a euphoric feeling during meditation. 

1 Ruby Zoisite brings self passion and patience. Help to transform your own negative energies into positive ones, particularly during times of emotional stress and grief. Connected to your 4th chakra (heart chakra) bringing in balance and stimulation of positive feelings towards ones self. 

*Please Note that as crystals are naturally formed from mother nature, sizes and colors may vary.